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DV Lottery for South Africa.

8:19 PM 10/24/2018

American Diversity Visa Lottery Program allows South Africa born people to participate in this lucky draw. It doesn't matter where they are living today or what kind of passport they are holding, their birth place is the important thing to participate in this draw. Also they must meet the basic education/work experience to submit entries in this draw.

DV Lottery

South Africa born people can submit entries for this year's visa lottery program DV-2020 which is officially administrated by the Government of United States with the endorsement of their U.S Senate House.

US Embassy is operating in Pretoria to look after the interests of the US citizens and to provide diplomatic services. Also they provide visa services including the selected winners' processing too.

Eligibility. Applicants Eligibility

Required Education: Senior Certificate. Completion of 6th Form/year 12 in South Africa.
Work Experience: Under Grade 7 employment standards as set by the U.S. Department of Labor. Use the Onet web page to check your work eligibility.
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DV-2019 Winners.

  • Online Visa Application for DV-2019 Winners DS-260. Here.
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • Affidavit of Support I-134. Here

Paying the processing fees DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will be issued with the visas as you still need to proof your eligibility to qualify during the interview. You will lose your visa processing fees and the visas, if you were found not eligible for it. You can't complaint anywhere regarding the visa refusal.

Kentucky Consular Center Information Here.

The KCC telephone number is 606-526-7500 (7:30am until 4:00pm EST), or send an E-mail inquiry to KCCDV@state.gov

After checking the result in the month of May, keep the confirmation number till the month of September 2020.