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DV Lottery - Frequently Asked Questions.

12:19 PM 9/20/2021

Is it necessary to have a passport to participate in the DV-2023 diversity visa draw?
Yes, you must have a valid International passport to participate in the Visa draw. The DV 2023 application form is requesting you to provide your passport details in it. If you don't provide it in the form, it is not completed and you can't submit the E-DV form to the system.

Can I put a imaginary passport number in the DV Application form and when I have the original passport, can I replace it?
No. you must provide your real passport. Otherwise if you are selected as a winner, you will not be assigned for an interview, if selected as a winner.

Can I submit paper application form for the draw?
No, paper applications forms are not allowed to participate in this DV draw. You are allowed to submit ONLY the electronic application forms only through the official website. Agents and some companies accept paper entries from their clients and submit them through the online website for a fee during the application submission period.

Do I need to sign the application form?
No, it is not necessary. You can't sign on the electronic document as the program is still don't have that signature facility.

What means LPR or American Green Card?
This is an Identification document that was issued by the American Government for a person to Live and work legally in the USA. The Person has all the rights of a US Citizen except that he can't vote in the election or can't hold certain Government jobs.

Who operates this visa name selection by the computer?
The program is operated by the Kentucky consular center under the guidance of the U.S State department.

Does plenty people Apply for this program annually?
Yes, normally 13 to 14 million people used to participate in this draw worldwide annually. It used to select winner's regional wise when selecting the names from the submitted electronic entries.

Is there a minimum Age limit to participate in the draw?
There is no minimum age to participate in the draw. Although to meet the education requirements it will make the applicants to be more than 18 years.

Is there any maximum age limit to participate?
No maximum age limit applies in this draw. There are no restrictions for the upper age limit, although if selected as a winner in the draw, you must have to pass the general medical examination to get the entry permit to live and work permanently in the USA.
The medical examination should be done only by the US Embassy certified Medical Practioner.

How many applications can I submit, in this year?
You are allowed to submit only one entry for the draw with your name as primary applicant in a given year. If more than one entry is submitted with a person's name as primary applicant, all the entries will be rejected regardless who had submitted the entries.

Can an Immigration firm or law firm allowed submitting application for me?
Yes, although you personally submit it or an agent submits it for you, both ways will have the same chance of being selected in the draw.

Last year myself applied for the program, can I apply for this year again?
Yes, every year you can submit one entry till you are selected for the program.

I had already applied for an American visa. Can I participate in this American Diversity Visa Draw?
Yes you can submit one entry in to this draw even if you had applied for another kind of American visa.

Is there is any fee charged for to enter in the draw?
No, it's free to enter. Although, if you use someone else to apply for you, they may charge a service fee for the service they have provided. If you are selected as a winner then you will have to pay for the visa processing fees and the related fees.

GreenCard Lottery FAQ

Can I apply while I am studying in the USA?
Yes, if you are eligible you can apply it. Also you can apply for others too, like your relatives or friends who are in other countries.

If I am selected in the DV Lottery, how will they inform me?
There are no more selected winner notifications sent by them. Only you have to check it by yourself in the official web site, between May and June in the coming year. If selected follow the instructions given in the computer screen.

I am not fluent in English language. Will this disqualify me at the interview?
No, it is not necessary for you to speak English fluently to get the entry permit through the DV program. But it is your duty to learn it as soon as possible as everyone in the USA speaks English and it is the official language of the U.S.A.

I got a mail saying that I am a winner. And they request me to pay their processing fee. Can I send them the money?
Don't send money. They are scam people trying to cheat you. Fees are paid only to the US Embassy on the day of your interview.

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