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DV-2020 Instructions.

DV-2020 Instructions for the American diversity visa lottery is expected to be available in a few months. This is the current U.S entry permit draw that will allow eligible people to apply online. If selected as winner, after the visa processing, can immigrate to the USA under this program. All the intended participants must read and understand the DV instructions before they prepare themselves to submit their online entry for this draw. So keep waiting for the dv-2020 draw instructions.

Only the English Language version is considered as the official one for the draws.

Normally in the current DV Instructions, following details will be provided for those who want to participate in the program.

  • Eligible country list. (list of countries, which are allowed to participate in the current draw.)
  • Online application form, opening and closing dates and time.
  • Eligibility requirements such as age, education and work experience.
  • Instruction on how to make your Digital photo file.
  • All the Rules & Regulations that are governing this visa draw.
  • 2020 Green card lottery selection and results checking information.

DV-2020 Instructions.

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DV lottery 2019 instructions

dv lottery 2019 instructions

As per the Current DV Program, participants must include a digital photo in the application form that was taken within 6 months. Using the same photo from the previous year programs will be disqualified. Don't take visa photos or application foots wearing eyeglasses (spectacles).

In the recent year programs, Nigeria and Bangladesh born people are placed in the "NOT Allowed" country list. So the Nigeria and Bangladesh born people must keep waiting to check the next coming diversity program of the USA to see whether their countries are allowed to participate or not.

Lot of dv2019 instructions' translations are already published following the English Language version.

Unofficial Translations dv-2019.

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DV-2018 Diversity Visa Lottery Instructions.

DV 2017 Instructions.