DV Lottery Help

Applicants' Eligibility For DV Draw.

11:46 AM 10/21/2021

DV-2023 USA diversity visa lottery program is now accepting entries in this year 2021. To get one of the available Green cards, you must submit one entry in to the draw, if you meet all the eligibility requirements. (50,000 visas will be available under this draw). Winners will be selected through a computer random name selection from the submitted entries at the KCC. To participate in this draw your education/work experience and birth country are important to meet the eligibility requirements.

1. Must have born in an Eligible Country. (Check the DV Instructions for more options.)
2. Necessary to have International Passport or must be ready to prove Refugee Status.
3. Should have successfully completed the required Education level. Or work experience.
4. Age must be more than 18.
5. As a selected Winner you must have enough funds to survive in the USA or must have a sponsor person.

New Requirement: All the participants must provide details of their valid International passport in the DV-2023 application form. It is not necessary for their dependants to have their own passports..
The golden rule: No International passport no participation. Stateless people have one option for them (read the DV2023 Instructions).
Main eligibility requirements, birth should had happened in an allowed country to participate in this year's DV-2023 visa program. Check it here.
An eligible person is allowed to submit ONLY ONE entry as a primary applicant. If try to apply more than one entry all the entries will be rejected.
It is not necessary to be a married person to participate in the draw. If you are a single person proceed to apply as a single person.

Country of Birth For Eligibility.

As per the DV Instructions, birth should have happened in any of eligible countries. The eligible country list is available in the dv instructions. Those ineligible person married to a person who is a native of an eligible country can participate in this draw claiming the spouse eligibility country. If selected as a winner and received visas for to immigrate to the USA, then both of them must enter together to get the Green Card.

Age Limit for the draw.

In the DV Lottery Instruction, there is no mention about the eligible upper age limit for the participant to submit an entry in to the draw.
To meet the required education level, the applicant may have reached 18 years.
There is no higher age limit applies to the participants although selected winners must pass the medical examinations.

Applicants' Eligibility For DV Lottery

Required Education / Work Experience.

Must have successfully completed High School Certificate (GCE A/L, WAEC) after studying in the junior school and High school for 12 years Or must have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years after following that trade course for period of 2 years period. And the courses should meet the requirements of the O-net online data base of the US Labor Department. It is very rare to get visas by showing work experience.

Unmarried person.

Unmarried single person will be allowed to submit ONLY one entry as single applicant with hisname as primary applicant.
You don't need to be a married person to participate in this draw. Beware some agents try to make fake marriages.

Married person.

  • USA doesn't accept polygamy marriage family system and it accepts only the monogamy marriages. If the applicant is with more than one spouse, he will not be allowed to participate in this draw.
  • Married person must include spouse and all the children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. This will include your previous marriage children and your spouse previous marriage children along with legally adopted children. Those children who are US LPR holders or citizens should not be included in the application form with the primary applicant.
  • Married couples can submit two entries for their family including their eligible children, if both the husband and wife meet the eligibility requirements laid by the program.
  • Those winners who had been selected as winners in the DV-2022 too are allowed to submit one entry in the DV-2023 visa lottery draw, if they feel that their case numbers are high and no chance for to attend the visa interview.
  • Don't participate in this selection draw, if you had been banned from entering the USA for life.
  • Father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunty, grandmother, grandfather and other relatives can't be included in the Application form as dependants. The draw is meant for husband, wife and their eligible children.
  • If you didn't enter your spouse or children in the application form, you will be rejected from the program, if you are selected as a winner.
  • It is a punishable crime if you happened to assist someone to get USA visa through fake marriages. Also you will be banned from entering the USA for 99 years.
  • If more than one entry is submitted with a person name as primary applicant, the system will report you about this when the duplicate entry is submitted to the server.
  • If the Primary applicant who is selected as winner is deceased his/her dependants will be automatically removed from the draw and they can't claim their visas.

DV Lottery Fees.

It is free to submit entry in to this draw but you must have your passport. If selected as a winner ONLY will have to pay for the processing fees and other related fees.
Pay only through official website.

This will apply when you are selected as a winner and start the visa processing under this draw. Those who were found to be ineligible at the time of visa processing will lose their visas and the visa processing fees too.

Visa processing fee is US$330 for each winner and each of his dependants.