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7:08 PM 06/01/2019

DV-2021American visa draw is expected to accept entries in this year 2019. The results are expected to be announced by May 2020. Interviews for the selected winners will start by October 2020 and this Fiscal Year Program will close on 30th September 2021.

DV-2021 Diversity Visa Program is being operated by the American Government in the year 2019 by accepting entries for it. Each year this program will allow around 50,000 immigrant visas to eligible people around the world. These eligible winners can enter in to the USA legally to work and live there after proofing their eligibility at the time of their interviews. This DV program is operated by the American Government to maintain the diversity of the people living inside of the USA. If they had lived in the America for 5 years continuously, they will be given the opportunity to apply for the US citizenship. Which will allow them to apply for the American passports later. The DV draw is designed for the eligible people from selected eligible countries only. The draw is looked after by the KCC, in Kentucky, USA.

The eligible country list will be announced by the US State Department every year before providing the Application Forms in their website. Those countries which had sent more than 50,000 people to the USA within the last 5 year period will not be allowed to participate in the draw. People may think this is a simple program to immigrate to the USA. Actually this is a program covered with strict rules and conditions.

Required eligibility:

  • First of all, those who want to participate in this DV program must have been born in an eligible country.
  • Participants must have passed High school degree after following 12 years of schooling including junior and senior schools or must have two years of work experience within the last 5 years after learning the trade for 2 years. Not all the profession is accepted for the draw. To find out the accepted work list, you must visit the O-Net site of the American Government.
  • There is no age limit applies for the participants although it is expected to be 18 years as the minimum age when you finish your high school certificate.
  • Single person must apply as unmarried person and the married person must include spouse and all the eligible children in her/his application form with his and all the included people's individual photo files.
  • A person is allowed to submit only one entry as primary applicant.
  • If you had applied for the program and got the confirmation number, he watching that web page till tha application period is closed. Because they may ask you to apply once again, if there were some error happened to the current program.
  • Results will not be sent through postal mail, e-mail or people will not call to announce it to you...
  • Each applicant must check their selection results only in the online website by feeding their confirmation number.


DV-2021 American Visa Lottery

If selected as winner,

  • You will not be given away with the American visa once you are selected as a winner, but will be allowed to apply for it using the online visa application form DS-260 and you must face their interview to proof your eligibility to be issued with the USA entry permit.
  • A non refundable visa processing fee oif US$ 330 should be paid to your local Embassy on the day of your interview. Each dependants too must pay this fee.
  • Each winner including those who are staying in the USA and their dependants must provide an affidavit of support through the I-134 forms and it should be provided by a LPR holder or by an American citizen. All those people who had obtained the American visa at the interview must pay another US$ 165 to the USCIS through the online payment gateway as USCIS Processing fee. Green Card will not be issued, if the USCIS Processing fee is not paid.
  • Don't try to submit multiple entries as they have introduced many methods to catch this kind of fraud.
  • Don't try to make forgery marriage to be issued with the American visa to another person under the DV Lottery program. You will be banned for life from entering in to the USA and will be prosecuted according to your country law.

Expected date of the next draw: Waiting for the announcement from the American State Department.

Visit here regularly to get more information on this program or write to us.