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American Visa Temporary Refusal.

American Diversity visa draw winners must take notice that winning in the draw will not guarntee that you will be issued with the required visas right away. There are many procedures yo be carried before you get the required American Immigrant visas. Here are some of them.

Winner must have clean medical report and police clearence.
Not all the selected winners will be called for the interview.
If forgot to add any of your elegible dependant is against the rules and the winner will lose his right for the visas.
All the process must be done before 30th September.which is the closing date of the FY program.

American Visa Temporary Refusal.

There are chances for immigrant application to be temporarily refused under Section 221(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. This may happen to the DV Lottery winner at the time of the visa interview as the officials may need more information in order to make a decision or any documents may missing or incorrectly filled out. These may require further time to do the necessary administrative processing. In this case the consular officer will issue a detailed list of the items that you have to provide under subject to 221(g). This will decide the time to process your case to conclusion and will depend on the time which takes you to gather and submit the information and documents necessary for the case.

American Visa Temporary Refusal

If you have collected all the required documents, then call the phone number given in the 221(g) refusal letter, to schedule an appointment with your US Consular office.

In few cases, some more administrative processing of an application may be required. It has to be done by some other Departments in the USA. The US Consular office may temporarily refuse the case in these instances under Section 221(g) until processing is complete in other departments. There is no given time limit for this processing. Once it is ready the consular officer will contact you.

Ineligibility for to get the entry permit.

DV Lottery winner's Immigrant entry permit can be refused at the time of interview based on the applicants' ineligibilities according to the law which prohibit issuance of a visa to certain categories of applicants. Here are some of the common ineligibilities those applicants may face

  • Unlawful presence in the U.S.
  • Deportation.
  • Criminal conviction.

Some ineligibilities result in a permanent bar from entering into the United States at any time.
Others can be waived if USCIS approve an application.

If all the visa process are notcompleted and cleared before 30th September, you may loose your visa and your processing fees too.

USCIS Website.