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Why People failed at the DV Lottery interview?

American Visa Lottery Interview is not a hard one like an interview for a company job. This is a casual talk between you and the Consular officer. They will not ask you tough questions like what is the height of the Emporar Building. Will talk about how you are going to survive in the USA. What kind of help you will get from your sponsor and so on.

So here are the facts why people failed at the interview. For missing documents you may given a chance to produce them.
You must have your original education certificate.
Marital status proof documents along with other proof
Fake marriages will make your Interview a failed one.
Everything should be true and original. If anything is fake one, your chance will be over.
If they don't give you a chance to missing documents your interview will be a failed one.
You can't complain about this happening to anyone in the US Government. The Consular Officer decision is final.
Your chance for the visa and the visa processing fees are gone.

Attending the Interview.

So before you go for the Interview check your documents according to the given list by the Consular Office.
For example Birth Certificates must be provided with translation copies if they are not in English. Translation should be endorsed by a sworn Translator.
Your Education Papers, Job experience documents, Bank Documents and so on.
Your International passport must be a valid one and it should have enough blank pages.

Make sure you didn't have violated any of the US Immigration law in the past.
You don't chew Cat leaves,
Your medical examination certificates are obtained from one of the American Embassy nominated physician.
Private Doctor’s medical certificates are not accepted.

Don't sale your properties or valuables and don't give up your current job or pay for your flight ticket, till you see the visa in the passport.
Also once you get the visa follow the instructions given by the Consular Officer.

DV Lottery Failure

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