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E-DV application form.

E-DV application form is the official name for the American diversity visa program. The E-DV application form will be available in the internet every year on the announced dates only. Don't search for it till you see the official announcement for this year program. This application form is the only one to enter your name and other personal details for to participate in the diversity visa lottery program. The draw is also called as American Green card lottery. To participate in the draw you must meet the required education/work experience and your birth should have happened in an eligible country. Otherwise don't participate in the draw or submit an online E-DV entry.

There is NO fee will be charged to submit your entry in to this draw. E-DV entry used to be available in the official website during the submission period ONLY.

Entry submission period will be announced through all the media by the American Government one month before the date of commencement. This form will be available only from the internet and no paper entries will be accepted by the KCC.

Website based application form providing system will provide them for the entire applicants to participate in the draw.
In the year 2019 program it was kept opened for a period of 30 days in the month of October and November.

On the other days, the website will not display the form or related links to download the application form from their website.

Many company websites provide their own entry forms and will collect your details and your image file. At the end, their website will request you to pay some money to enter your details in the original program. You have to pay their service charge through credit card.

Facts About E-DV Entry.

The E-DV entry can't be saved and used later. It should be filled and submitted within the 60 minutes of time.
If anyone had taken more than 60 minutes to fill and submit it back, the submission will not be accepted. In this case they will advise you to download a new form and to fill it in 60 minutes of time period.

  • Up to DV-2017 the E-DV entry was provided in yellow color and now it is coming in ash color.
  • E-DV Entry will be accepted in English language only; don't use Nordic letters when filling the form.
  • The Entry should be filled using the English Alphabets only.
  • The application form will ask you to show the path of your digital photo file from your computer that is to be uploaded in to the draw.
  • Single person will have only one part while married person will have two parts.
  • If the form is not completely filled, it will be shown back with red colored fields, which needs to be filled by you.
  • If there is any error correction don't use the back button. Use only the specially given button.
  • Don't wait till to the last days as you may have trouble in accessing the E-DV Entry as lot of people may try to access it at a given time.
  • You have to submit it again and again till you get the displayed successful page with your confirmation number in the computer screen.
  • Don't forget to write down the confirmation number that used to be shown after successfully accepting your E-DV entry.
  • A person can enter only one E-DV entry as primary applicant with his name and if more than one is submitted then it won't be accepted by the system.
  • Some time you may not provided with the confirmation number. In this case if you submit one more time to get the confirmation number the system will say this is a duplicate entry and there is already one entry exists with the same details in their system.
  • Be careful about those bogus websites that used to look alike the original .gov website with fake E-DV Entry forms and logos.
  • The State department uses many sophisticated methods to find out and reject those multiple entries from persons who are trying to fraud the system.
  • There are many instances those agents had intercepted the winning notifications and claimed money from the legitimate winners.
  • So try to submit your entry by yourself.
  • In this 2019, the draw was called as DV-2021 visa lottery program and this is meant for the fiscal year 2021.And it had a new section to get the passport details of the applicant.
  • Its results will be available in May 2020.
  • In this year 2020 the draw will accept for the DV-2022 draw.

In the year 2020, the DV-2022 visa lottery program may be available to participate in the USA visa lottery program.

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