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Rescheduling Your DV Interview.

Rescheduling American visa lottery interview date is allowed in some countries and it is too under conditions while in many countries it is totally not accepted. So if you want to re-schedule your DV Interview read your local US Embassy instructions on it. Most of them require medical certificate from the DV Lottery winner.

For example people in Bangladesh are not allowed to reschedule their dv lottery winners' interview date.

So here it is. You will receive the second letter - Interview date from the KCC 4 - 6 weeks before the scheduled interview date. That day you will pay the non refundable visa processing fees and you will face the interview. There they will check your personal, education, medical, police report, affidavit of support and other documents. If everything is perfect, they will issue the visas. Otherwise they will ask you to provide the missing documents in time and it should be done before 30th September.

Some people say they are not ready with the documents and want to postpone the interview date.

To this you must contact the consular officer in their country through their official web site and do as required.
But for Bangladesh born people it is clearly stated that they will lose their chance if they didn't appear for the interview on that particular day.

Also if you are going to rescheduling your interview date take note of the following facts,

Visa Interview
  • There are only a limited number of visas available and they are issued on the first come first served basis.
  • If you reschedule your interview you may lose the chance of getting a visa, if other eligible people went to the interview before you and the visas may exhaust.
  • DV-2020 visa interview session had stared in October 2019 and it will close on midnight 30th September 2020. After this date the winners will not be allowed to obtain a visa or to change their status under this fiscal year program any more.
  • Nigerians can ask for reschedule their visa interview only once. And if they don't honor the second interview date, they will be put out of the current visa lottery program.
  • In Turkey they request for medical proof for to require a visa interview reschedule.