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Find all the latest news here on the American Green card lottery program which is officially called as American DV Lottery.

There are many rumors about the next DV Lottery in the internet and news papers. We try to give you all the latest News on the program and the process. Also if you find any good News, just send them to dvlotteryhelp@yahoo.com.

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DV-2019 American visa lottery program information.

DV-2019 is expected to be held in this year 2017. The winners will be allowed to apply for the immigrant visas for the fiscal year 2019. Due to the new American President Donald Trump's tough immigration policy Green Card Lottery participants are worried about the future of this program under his leadership. Still there is no announcement about this draw. Once it is available from the U.S State Department, we will update it here. Keep visiting this page regularly.

DV-2018 Visa Lottery Program News.

The US State Department had provided application forms through their website and had accepted them back after applicant's had duly filled them. DV-2018 visa lottery program was kept opened to accept entries till 07th November 2016 through the official online website. As per their new DV Instructions Ecuador is placed in the eligible country list for the DV-2018 diversity visa lottery program.

DV-2017 Visa Lottery Program News.

DV-2017 had accepted entries under this program from eligible people from around the world in the year 2015.

Participants can check their results in the official website of the DV program.

The results are now available in the official website. dvlottery.state.gov

Interviews for the DV2017 selected winners is in progress from October 2016.

The program will close officially on 30th September 2017. The winners must process their winning before this date as the winning their winning will go NULL after this date.


DV-2016 program had been closed officially on 30th September 2016 and no more visa processing will be available under this program any more.