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Didn't get the DV interview letter, what to do?

9:34 AM 9/21/2021

I am a diversity visa lottery program winner. Already I have filled the online application form DS-260. As per the visa bulletin my case number is current in this month. So far I didn't receive the second letter which they said will contain the Interview date and time from the US Consular office. I checked with my post office too, they said they didn't receive such letter to my name and address. In this case what I am supposed to do? Read here.

Diversity Visa Program Winner Applying Process.

Visit thisonlline visa applying website (https://ceac.state.gov/iv/login.aspx).
Give true information about you and get registered here first.
This is the place where you will get your DV Visa interview letter from the KCC.

Now the interview sending process had been changed. Once your interview is scheduled, you will get a electronic notification from the KCC. It will be shown to you in the website, where you had submitted your online visa application form. If you didn't receive it over there, then contact the KCC with your full details and case number. They will surely respond to you as soon as possible as you a selected DV winner.

Also take note that the American dv lottery used to close every year on 30th September for the current fiscal year program.
Go to that web site enter the confirmation number and other details.
If you get an Error message, means that your interview is not scheduled.
The interview letter will be shown in the screen.
Get a printout of it and follow the instructions given there.

On the given date go for the interview with the processing fee and with all the important documents and with your passport.

Visa Interview

Include your winning notification and the copy of the interview letter in your documents.
Don't reschedule the interview date as you may lose your chance.
The program offers visas on the first come first serve basis.
So if you reschedule your visa interview there will be no visa allocated to you when you come for it.