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Facts about Diversity Visa Program.

7:28 AM 9/2/2021

In the USA lot of people from different countries are living and had made it their home country. But some country people had immigrated in less numbers. So to maintain the diversity of the people living there, the U.S Government had announced this diversity visa lottery program to maintain the diversity of the people living there. For this the Green card lottery program is conducted by the authorities every year. Due to selected winners mostly in Africa were denied their chances by their Agents, American Government had made it is compulsory for the Primary applicant to submit her/his passport details in the DV entry form.

It is necessary for all the DV Applicants to provide their valid International passport details in the DV-Application Form E-DV Entry.
After winning the DV Lottery if the passport number is changed the winner must provide true information about the change. As it will lead to rejection of the winners visa application at the time of the interview or earlier.

In this draw people who were born in eligible countries only will be allowed to participate. A person is allowed to submit only one entry with her/his name as primary applicant for this draw in any year. They are allowed to participate in this visa draw every year till they become as a winners.

Selected winners will not be provided with the America entry permit right away, instead they will be allowed to apply for it through normal visa application processing.

  • On the day of their interview they must proof their eligibility to the authorities to get the U.S entry permit.
  • Applicant's eligibility is decided by their birth country and not by their present citizenship, PR status or current passport.
  • A married person born in an ineligible country can participate in this draw claiming his/her eligible spouse country.
  • If selected as winner, both of them must immigrate together. Winner will not be allowed alone in this case.
  • Your Green card winning can't be transferred to another person.
  • If the winner is deceased, his dependants will not be allowed to continue with the visa processing.
  • Assisting another person to get the American visa through bogus marriages is punishable one. Also the person will be banned from entering in to the USA for 99 years.

Winners are requested to proceed with their winning, through the online DS-260 application form.

All the winners must provide an Affidavit of support through I-134 form and the winners in the USA will be requested to provide it through the I-864 form at the time of their visa interview.

US DV Lottery

If both the husband and wife are selected as winners in the same year program, the one with the most qualification must proceed with the winning while the other person must withdraw from visa processing.

  • Applying for the draw is free, although you will have to pay visa processing fee of US$ 330 on the day of your interview, if you are selected as a winner. The visa processing fee is not refundable one, if the visa is refused for any given reason.
  • He doesn't have any way to lodge complaint anywhere about this visa refusal under the American Green Card lottery Program.
  • If you are issued with the visas then you will have to pay another payment of US$ 165 as USCIS processing fee to them through their online facility before you depart to the USA. You can pay that amount while you are staying in the USA. Till you pay the processing fees, you will not be issued with the Green card.
  • You can apply to the next coming visa lottery program, if you are having high case number from the last year draw winning.
  • Participating in the draw will not interfere with your other American entry permit applications.
  • It is not necessary to be fluent in English language, to participate in the draw.
  • The American Government will not provide air tickets, housing, travel expenses or other facilities to the winners and those who came to the USA under this program.

The program will be available only through the internet; once the applicant feeds the required data he will be issued with a confirmation number that will work as password to check their results online in the coming year.


Canada, UK and Australia Government Don’t have their visa lottery programs to issue visas through computer draw.

  • Facts related to the green card identity document
  • Green-card issued by the Government doesn't come in green color.
  • Conditions will apply to maintain the validity of the document.
  • Its validity is normally for 10 years only and this should be revalidated after the mentioned period.
  • Doesn't give you the power equal to the U.S citizenship, but you can apply for it in a later period.
  • You are not allowed to vote in the elections.

Last held program name was DV-2022, and the results are now available from the month of May 2021. Visa processing is going on for the DV-2022 green card lottery winners and it will close on 30th September 2022.

Current official program DV-2023 will provide the results in the coming year 2021.

Total available visa in a year: 50,000
Available visas for a single country: 3,500

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