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DV Lottery Winner's list.

7:16 AM 8/14/2021

DV Lottery winner's lists are not available anywhere in the internet.  DV-2020, DV-2021 and DV-2022 winner's name list for the American diversity visa lottery programs will not be published by the KCC. Actually there is NO winners name list available for the selected winners in the DV Lottery program. All the participants must check their selection results individually one by one by feeding their details in the official results checking website. If there are any winner name list available for the DV-2022 or DV-2021 visa lottery programs the y are fake ones. Don’t trust them.  So don’t search for the list in the internet or don’t call the American Embassies or Consulates requesting for the list.

KCC ONLY have those selected winners' name list according to each year program. KCC will not publish it or will not share with outsiders. So don't request them to provide the winner name list to you. Also don't disturb them by asking to check your selection results or to provide your DV Confirmation number. Winners selected in the computer random draw will ONLY can see their results when they check their results online. If not selected, it will display with the "not selected" message in the computer screen. So prepare yourself to apply for the forthcoming Green Card draw.

DV Lottery Winners list

Years back, when the results were sent by postal mail and some countries like Albania and Nepal used to publish the winners name list of their country after intercepting those selected winners postal mails that came from the KCC. These countries postal departments' used to collect the names and addresses from envelopes and publish them for the benefit of their country DV participants. Now the winner notification system through the postal mail had been cancelled and the names of the selected winners or photos too will not be available in the internet.

American Embassies or their Consular offices too don't have the green-card-lottery winners name list with them. Once selectees' interviews are started to process, then only they will have some of the "current" winners name list. So don't disturb the consular offices through phone calls or by visiting them directly and asking for the winners name list.

If you did applied for the DV draw and later had changed your home address, no problem you can still check the selection details of yours through the online facility with your confirmation number and personal details.

If you had applied through an agent then you can be easily duped by him if he is an scam person.
They used to hide the "Confirmation Number" and the email address that was provided in the application form.
So it is difficult to recover your confirmation number from the system without the original email.
Now for the DV Lottery it is mandatory for the Applicant to provide her/his passport number.
So the winning can't be transferred to another person who looks like the selected winner.

To recover your lost confirmation number visit here.

DV 2023.

Source: Kentucky Consular Center, USA.