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DV Lottery Confirmation Number.

7:18 AM 9/19/2021

DV Lottery confirmation number is issued to participants once their entry is successfully accepted by the system. Successfully submitted E-DV entry will be shown with the success page. If you didn't see the success page means you entry has been added in to the system. Confirmation numbers used to be displayed in PC screen, once a Diversity visa application form had been accepted successfully by the system with the applicants' image file. Displayed success page will contain the applicants' full name, day, date, year and the time the entry has been accepted by the system. There will be a "Digital Signature" in the page, but it doesn't have any value for the applicant. Only the confirmation number is the important one that was given in that page. Confirmation numbers are valid for the fiscal year draw only as per the first 4 digits which show the fiscal year of the draw. Confirmation number is the only important one in this American DV draw. This used to act as a password when checking the selection results. People in the Africa region used to call this confirmation number as ticket.

Provided confirmation number will act like a password to check your selection status through the results checking website. Validity of the confirmation number is good to check the selection results of its mentioned year from May through next year September only. If you had checked your results, don't throw away the confirmation code, as you may need it, if there is new selection available.

DV Lottery Confirmation Number

Results of the DV Lottery program will not be announced to you through postal mail, phone and email.

When participating in the draw, if you were not shown with the confirmation number means that your entry has not been submitted in to the draw. So again and again submit it till you see the success page with the confirmation number.

From DV-2018 visa lottery submission period onwards the screen used to display double entry warning to many applicants, when they submitted their entry for the second time as they didn't received their confirmation number for technical error on the administrators' side. Now they are allowing the applicants to recover it, from the system, when the results are available to check.

The Confirmation number must contain 16 digits of alphanumeric in it along with the fiscal year in the front of the code.
For the current DV-2023 visa lottery program, the confirmation number used to start with 2023.

You must understand that the code will act as a password to check your online selection results, for that fiscal year program only.

1. Online status result.

  • What to do with the confirmation number, when the computer screen displays it?
  • Write it down in a paper and keep it in a safe place.
  • It can be saved in your computer. Or make a print out of that page.

2. Saving a web page in your computer.

  • Click the "File" in the browser's top left corner.
  • Click on the "Save As" (A box will open)
  • There select where you want to save the file and give a name for the file and click "Save".
  • Once you saved the page in your computer, it won't look like as was in the browser, when you look at it after you saving it.
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can give print order to make a PDF file of that page.

3. Printing a web page.

  • Start your printer and keep it with blank papers before submit your entry.
  • Once you got the page, click the "File" in the browser's top left corner.
  • Click on the "Print"
  • A box will show, there select your printer and press the "Print" button.
  • The confirmation will come out from the printer as a print out.
  • So keep it careful. It can't be recovered or reissued by the KCC.
  • If you missed it you won't be able to check your status online, in the coming year.

I checked and found out that I am not selected in the American Government official website as a winner.
Do I need to keep the confirmation code with me?
Yes, must keep it till September next year. Sometime they may select small number of winners in the coming months for the program.

The confirmation number which I got for the last year draw is good to check my selection in this year draw?
No, it is for that fiscal year program only and for the current year you must use the current year one..

My agent said that I had been selected for the draw, but he wants money to provide my confirmation number, what to do
Because of this the Department of State had advised to apply for the program yourself.

Did you paid for the service of that agent?
If yes, report this incident to your local police, local Embassy and to the KCC with full details along with your photograph.

Lost or missed placed confirmation number.
If happened to miss the last digit, the system won't accept this as a valid confirmation code. If you had lost or miss placed your confirmation number, visit DV-Confirmation They will assist you to obtain it, for a small fee.