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7:35 AM 11/22/2021

DV-2023 Visa Lottery results will be available in the Official DV Website from May 2022.
To check your selection Results your Confirmation number starting with 2023 is required.
You or any other person can check the results, if you provide them with the confirmation number and personal details.
Once you check the selection results don't throw away the confirmation number as you have to keep it till Septemer 30th 2023.
American Embassies and Consulates don't have - Winners Name List - selected people's names and details.
DV-2023 Results will not be sent through Postal Mail, Email, Fax and will not be announced through phone calls.
So don't believe those Winner messages. Never send money through banks or through other means to get the American Visas.
These are to steal your hard earned money in the name of American visa.
Lost Confirmation Number? Check here.

DV-2023 American Diversity Visa draw is also named as American Green Card Draw in many parts of the world. The draw provides easy and quick immigration for the eligible country people with higher education. This computer operated draw is going to accept entries from eligible people born in eligible countries in the months October and November 2021. The draw is going to accept entries in this year 2021 through the online American Government's official DV website. About 50,000 numbers of American visas are available under this computer draw in this year. To issue all the available visas in the fiscal year nearly 100,000 participants will be selected as winners under this computer random name selection draw. In the American Government official website details are available for DV-2023 Diversity Visa Draw starting date and about the closing dates. In a few days time they close the program from accepting entries. Keep watching the internet for the latest news on next coming DV-2024 program.

Note: Now you can't participate in the DV-2023 program anymore. To participate in the Visa Draw you have to wait for the next draw DV-2024 Program. On 09th November 2021 was the final date to apply for the DV-2023 through online.

Now Entries are being accepted. DV-2023 Starting Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 12:00 pm (noon), Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4)..
DV-2023 Application Closing Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 12:00 pm (noon), Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5)
2023 Program official closing date: 30th September 2023.
A person is allowed to submit ONLY one entry with her/his name as primary applicant in this draw. If not selected you can participate in the DV-2024 program too.

American DV-2023 Draw. When and where to apply?

The application forms were provided through the official online website in the around the later part of the year. Apply here. (https://dvprogram.state.gov/)
Applicants will be given one hour time period only to fill the form. DV-2023 American diversity visa lottery program will accept only duly filled application forms for the DV-2023 program. Use online application form and there are no other ways to submit your entry in to this online computer draw. This online conducted program is a genuine one that is implemented and operated by the American Government. This draw is conducted to maintain the diversity of the people living in the USA. So every year 50,000 immigrant visas will be available under this computer name selection draw for eligible people. The draw is operated according to the regulations of the US Senate House. DV-2023 program will open and close in this year 2021. After this date no one will be able to participate in this dv2023 draw any more. Thos Winners in the DV-2022 with high Case numbers and don't have hope in getting Interview too can participate in this DV2023 Visa draw program.

Applicants in the USA: Eligible people staying in the USA can contact the nearest Library to submit their DV-2023 entries online.

Where to check the DV-2023 Results?

Check it in the American Government’s Official DV Lottery website. (www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/)
If you are selected as a winner in this program follow the instructions displayed in the computer screen.
Nearly 14 Million applicants did participate in this draw DV-2023. So it will be difficult to check the results in the first day as lot of people will try to access the website.

DV-2023 Facts.

A person staying in the USA legally and selected with low case number, have good chance to get Green Card faster with less expenses.
If he meets the eligibility and if can provide Affidavit of Support too.

Available Visas under FY2023: 50,000.
Number of winners to be selected: 100,000 (Because all the selected winners may not have the required requirements)
Not all the winners will be called for interviews as the visas may exhaust early..
DV visas will be issued under first come first serve basis.
No country can get more than 3,500 visas in this draw.
Results will be available in the month May 2022.
Visa processing for the selected Winners will start on 01st of October 2022.
Program will officially close on 30th September 2023 after issuing all the immigrant visas that were reserved under this program.
No one can claim

DV-2023 Participant's Requirements.

Requirement 01: Participants must have born in an eligible country.
Or can claim their eligibility by going through the DV lottery 2023 Instructions.
Requirement 02: They must have the required High School Education Certificate, after studying the Junior and High School for 12 years. Or the winner must have the required work experience (It is very rare to qualify for the visa through work experience). Age must be more than 18.
Requirement 03:
Primary applicant must have valid International passport. Details should be entered in the DV-2023 Application Form when you are filling the online Application Form. Expired passport's details will not be accepted in the form. Only valid passport details can be used.

Eligible People.

Some country born people are not allowed to participate in this Green Card lottery as their countries had sent more than 50,000 people to the USA within the last 5 years.
You have to wait for the DV2023 Instructions to see which countries are allowed and which countries are NOT allowed to participate in this year draw.

Passport Exemption:

  • I am not required to submit passport information because I am: Stateless (no nationality)
  • A national of a Communist-controlled country, and unable to obtain a passport from my government.
  • As an asylum seeker can’t get one passport?  Need to provide an individual waiver of the passport requirement by the Secretary of Homeland Security or Secretary of State.
  • I understand that if it is later determined I am not exempt from the passport requirement, I may be disqualified from the Diversity Visa program.

    A person can submit ONLY ONE ENTRY for this FY2023 draw, as primary applicant.
    The winner will be requested to provide a petitioner's support through the I-134 Form, when they are attending the visa interview.
    Or they must show their wealth to display that they won't depend on public funds for their living in the USA (Public Charge).

Entrance Fee.

No fee is charged by the US Government from the participants to submit their DV entries during the application period for this dv-2023 visa draw.
But if selected as a winner in the draw, and called for the interview, you will have to pay a non refundable visa processing fee of US$330 to the consular office.

Eligible country born people only can submit their entries through the online application form. The application forms will be available in the official American Government's diversity visa program website. An eligible applicant can submit only one entry in this draw with his/her name as primary applicant.

Each participant must include one American digital visa photo file that was taken recently, along with their entry.
It should be with white or off-white back round. Glasses or caps will not be allowed.
Even if a child was born today, its photo should be included in the application form with its details.
Married person must include spouse and all the unmarried children who are under the age of 21 along with their digital American visa photo file.
Don't try to make fake marriages, as assisting another person to get American Visa is illegal. You can be banned for 99 years, from entering USA.

After the submission all the successful entrants will be given with a confirmation number. This will act as like a password to check the online selection results through the official website in the coming year. Postal mail or the email will not be used to announce the winners.

If selected under the program, the visas will not be given to the winners right away. Instead they will be allowed to apply for the immigrant visas through the normal processing. Each winner and her/his dependant too must pay the visa processing fees of US$ 330 to the US Embassy on their date of visa interview. If the visas are refused, then the visa processing fees too will not be returned to the applicant.

The winners will have to go through tough back ground check before they are allowed in to the USA through the diversity visa program. If provided with the visas they must pay another visa processing of US$165, to the USCIS office through their online facility.
NOT all the selected winners will be called for the interview as the visas may exhaust before the closing date of the program.
Winners will be called for the interview according to their case number and in order like 1, 2, 3 .... 50,000.

American Government will provide only the required visas for the selected winners. Once they are selected as winners, they must proof their eligibility during their visa interview.
No other benefits will be provided such as Funds, Air tickets, Housing, food or clothing. So NOTHING will be provided to the DV 2023 winners, when they are entering or staying in America.

DV Lottery 2023

Source: Travel.State.Gov