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Blue Card To Work in EU.

4:16 PM 9/20/2021

Blue card and green card are not the same but both of them allow people to live and work in the respective countries. The U.S Green card is offered by merit and through green-card lottery system. But the Blue-card is not offered through the lottery or through the name selection programs.

blue card for EU

European countries offer work permits as Highly Skilled Migrant status for the people who are professional and have obtained Graduation from a recognized universities. They should have worked in their field to fulfill the requirements by the EU countries. Also the job they intend to do must have a minimum payment limitation (at least 44,800 Euros). There is no language barrier.

Some countries like German, France, Poland and Slovakia are offering this cards for the professionals to live and work in their countries following the EU regulations. The regulation allow the family of the visa holder to live and work in the respective country..

Blue-card holder and his family may enter, re-enter and stay in the country which has issued it to him.
They can pass through other member states freely.
He can benefit from the social security, pensions, recognition of diplomas, education and vocational training of that country.

After holding and legally working with the card for two years, he can get the equal treatment with nationals as regards access to any highly qualified employment.

After completing 18 months of legal residence, the card holder may move to another EU State to take up highly qualified employment. But must get the work permit from that country where he intends to stay.

Permit withdrawal.

  1. The EU work permit may be withdrawn if the holder enough fund to support him and his family without social assistance.
  2. Has been unemployed for more than three consecutive months.
  3. Unemployed more than once during the validity of the card.

Permanent residence permit long-term EU residents is € 130