DV Lottery Help

Apply To DV Draw With Smartphone.

4:39 PM 9/20/2021

Submitting your application form for the American diversity visa program is possible through your iPhone or through your Samsung Galaxy, Lumia, HTC or through any other top Smartphone, iPad and tablets, during application forms submission period. Don't forget to have enough mobite Data to finish the application process. Best is 4G LTE Connection. Lot of Africa origin people don't have access for laptop or PC but nearly all of them have one Smartphone with them. So they can use it to apply for the draw without going under a fraud Agent.They must make sure that they have enough data and uninterupted internet connection. The best time to apply from Africa with a Smartphone is around 4:00 am.

Next expected Visa draw: DV-2023

First of all make sure that your birth country is eligible to participate in the draw and you had got all the required education/work experience to match the DV Lottery requirements.

Apply to DV Lottery through Smartphone or Tablet

Capture your own photo with your Smartphone or tablet and can edit it according to the instructions as most of the devices come with great pixels or you can transfer a photo from your camera or PC. We recommend you to go to a professional photographer and to take digital photo with good lighting. Ask the studio to make the file size acceptable to the program and then get that image file in to your hand held gadget before applying for the draw. Color photo, white background, 2inc X 2inc and don't wear eye glasses or cap.

  • Name the image file with a suitable nick name to identify it easily and place it in a folder.
  • When the application form is accepted for the current draw, connect your Smartphone to the internet through your Data plan or through the available Wi-Fi network and go to the official web site.
  • Keep your passport and its details ready, that you have to fill in the application form
  • Download the application form. Remember it should be filled and submitted back within 60 minutes of time.
  • If you had failed to do it in time, get a new form and restart the process.
  • Fill all the required fields in that page.
  • In the image file section show the path to your photo file to be sent along with the application form.
  • Now you can press the submit button in the web page.
  • If there are any errors in the form it will be shown back with red color. Correct it and resubmit it.
  • You will get your application form again to check for any errors. If there are no errors get a print out or save the whole page in your Smartphone.
  • If everything is correct then press the submit button.
  • You will be shown with the congratulation message in the screen which will have your confirmation code.
  • Save that page.
  • Then make a printout of that important page using the air print method..
  • Also copy and paste the text in a word-pad and save it as confirmation number in your device.
  • Also you can send it to your email by creating an email with the confirmation code and send it to your email inbox.
  • In the month of May, you can check your selection status for the green card lottery by going to the diversity visa web site and filling.
  • the required fields to get your selection result for the visa lottery program instantly.
  • If you are a winner follow the instructions shown in the web page.
  • Read other pages of this website for more information.