DV Lottery help

Requirements for DV Lottery Photos.

If you are applying for the DV-2016 Green Card lottery you must upload a digital color photo file along with your duly filled E-DV entry.

Married person? Your spouse photo also must be uploaded along with her entry section.

Got eligible children, then each of their separate photos along with their entries must be uploaded in their birth order.

Group photos are not accepted.

All photos must be recently photographed ones. (Within 6 months on the date of application.)

Missing images of any eligible members of your family or your spouse, your entry will not be accepted

You can take either a digital photograph by taking with a digital camera or scan a photo print according to the DV Lottery instructions.

When taking a photo to participate in the draw,

The person must face the camera straight, and the head not in tilted position, not wearing any glasses that may obstruct the eyes, Not wearing any head cover or caps (except for religious belief).
Back round space behind the person must be a light colored wall or board.

It must be in good focus.

The digital image must confirm to the following compositional specifications.

Scan a photograph for the draw according to the following scanner specifications.

Sample DV Lottery Photo   Sample DV Lottery Photo Sample DV Lottery Photo

Photos source: Dept. of State U.S