DV Lottery help

DV Lottery for Germany.

Germany born people are allowed to participate in the US DV-Lottery program which is officially operated by the Government of the United States every year. These people can find more information regarding the Green card lottery program in this page.

U.S Embassy is operating here to look after the welfare of their citizens and the diplomatic activities. Also they provide processing facility for those diversity visa lottery winners.

US Embassy in Berlin.

Advice to the selectees.

All the selectees must pay the processing fee of USD $330 (or the current Euro equivalent) to the U.S. Consulate on the day of their interview.

Also you need to pay for each of your eligible dependants too before on that day of processing your request.

All the documents that are not in English should be submitted with a translation copy along with the original one.

Paying the processing fees DO NOT GUARANTEE that you will be issued with the required entry permit as you still need to qualify during the interview.

Kentucky Consular Center Information Here.

The KCC telephone number is 606-526-7500 (7:30am until 4:00pm EST),
or send an E-mail inquiry to KCCDV@state.gov

Number of Germany born people participated in the Draw 2007 - 2013 is as follows.

2007       2008       2009       2010     2011       2012        2013 
54,772    59,149     61,901     60,735   60,599     58,248      54,531

Number of winners selected for the DV-2013 program from Germany is 1,253.

To participate in the selection program, applicants should have successfully completed following education.

Minimum of twelve years education including high school, which must be the equivalent of a U.S. High School diploma (e.g.
completion of "Abitur/Fachhochschulreife/Realschulabschluss" in Germany) or qualify under employment standards as set by the U.S. Department of Labor.

You must have work experience according to their instruction.

Qualifying Jobs for the program.

Single person can submit ONLY one entry to the system along with his digital image/photo file.

Married person must include spouse and all the eligible children with their individual photo files and details in their birth order.

Those children who are U.S LPR or holders or holder of U.S citizenship are not to be included in the application form.

Those people who are living in America too can participate, if they have eligibility by birth, regardless of which country passport they are holding now.

For example all the African country born people living in Germany can participate in this American green card lottery program.

DV-2015 selection results will be published in the internet only.

Keep your confirmation number to check the result in the month of May. Also don't throw away the confirmation number till the month of October.

Take note that these winners will not get personal emails, fax, phone calls or postal mails to be informed of their selection for the program.

Don't take your
Cell phones
USB Sticks
Portable game devices
and other restricted items to the embassy when you are attending your interview.

Also items cannot be deposited at the reception section.

If you fail to follow these security requirements you may face delays or cancellations of your interview.

The next expected program is DV-2016.

Next diversity visa selection program will bear the name DV-2015.