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DV-2018 for Sri Lanka.

8:58 PM 09/22/2017
By: David

DV-2019 is going to accept applications forms under the American diversity visa program in this year 2017. This draw is administered by the American Government and this is the best program for Sri Lanka people who want to live and work permanently in the USA. Sri Lanka born people can try this visa name selection program to check their luck to live in the USA. Winners who are selected in the draw will not get the Green cards right away, but will be allowed to apply for the immigration visa and they have to proof their eligibility at the time of their visa interview to obtain one of the available visas under this program. Mean while selected winners living in the USA can contact the USICS office to get their LPR status when their case numbers are current in any given month.

This draw which is operated worldwide by the American Government used to allow 55,000 lucky eligible winners to live and work in the U.S.A as long as they want. if they had lived there for more than 5 years with the LPR can apply for the American Citizenship. Sri Lanka born people are allowed to participate in this draw even if they are holding another country passport or citizenship. It is not a problem to participate in the draw, your birth country eligibility is the main thing to participate in this draw, and the draw is covered with strict rules.

Participants with the required eligibility are allowed to submit ONLY ONE entry as primary applicant with his/her name in any given year, during the entry accepting period.

There is no fee is charged to submit your entry online for this draw, with the required digital photo file. This procedure is also called as green card lottery in many parts of the world. This program used to offer between 500 - 900 immigrant visas annually to Sri Lanka born people out of the available 55,000 entry permits.

Srilanka participants can apply themselves through the online facility or can use an agent like "BBS Netting" to apply for the draw. We recommend you to apply through genuine companies as they too will have your confirmation number and they too may check your selection status. If you had checked your results with your case number, don't throw i away as you may need it later.

Eligibility. Applicants Eligibility

According to the U.S embassy in Colombo,

Participants from here must have passed the GCE Advanced level (A/L) examination completely including the compulsory subjects or must have 2 years of work experience within the last five years in an occupation that requires at least two years of learning or training to perform it. (That job must be an approved according to the ONet instructions.) Very less people used to qualify through the work experience certificates at the time of the visa processing interview.

Our advice: If you don't have the GCE A/L examination completely passed certificate; don't participate in this draw. According to the Embassy announcement "completion of 6 GCE O-level subjects is no longer sufficient to qualify for the DV program." You will have to apply for the GCE A/L certificate and will have to provide the token to the Embassy as they will collect your certificate themselves.
Also you have to provide a certificate from the school principal where you had sat for the examination.

DV-2018 Results for Srilanka Applicants.

The entire DV-2018 applicants can check their results online now and it was opened from May, 2017. Applicants will need their confirmation number and their personal information in the American Government's official checking website.

Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky, WILL NOT SEND OUT winners' notification through postal mail as it was before.

Postal mail E-mail, fax or phone will not be used to announce the selection and if you get any notification through any of this method, double check it as it may be a scam one.

Issuing Visas.

Police Clearance.

Education Certificates.

DV-2018 winners Sri lanka.

  • Online Visa Application for DV 2018 Winners DS-260. Here.
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • Affidavit of Support I-134. Here.

DV-2017 visa lottery program is going to close on 30th September 2017. Mean while all the visas are already exhausted under this program.

DV-2018 winners are being called for their interviews from the month of October 2017.

Next American visa lottery is DV-2019 and it will open on 03rd October 2017 and will close providing application forms on 07th November 2017.

Source: US State Department.