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DV-Lottery for Nepal

12/4/2012 by Bala.Pala

Nepal is one of the eligible countries in the Asia region for to participate in the American DV-Lottery program. Winners will have to pay a processing fee of US$ 330 and each of his dependants too must pay US$ 330 to the Kathmandu U.S Embassy office on the day of their interview.

If a Nepal born person regardless of where he is living now or what passport he has also no matter, can apply for the draw. But there are some conditions apply for them.

He must have the following requirements,

  1. Their age must be more than of 18.
  2. Their education must be Intermediate or certificate level, which the degree is obtained for successfully finishing two years in college after ten years of school.
  3. Eligibility through work experience.
  4. In the U.S. Department of Labor web site there is a page called as O*Net Online database and it will be used to determine any qualifying work experience that you have. Very less people qualified through the work experience.
  5. You must have an image file (photo) to upload along with E-DV entry form, according to the DV Instruction.
  6. If you are married you must include your Spouse details and photo file.
  7. If you have eligible children means that children who are under the age og 21 years and not married, must include their details (in their birth order) along with their individual photo files.

DV-2013 Results, Second letter and the Interview for Nepal winners.

Those names which had been selected by the computer random draw from Nepal can check their status in the official web site now.

Interviews were started from 1st of October 2012 and will continue till 30th September 2013. The second letter or NL or visa interview notification which indicates the time and date of the interview will be sent to those who are selected for the interviews, 4-6 weeks prior to their interview dates.

DV-2014 Application.
Nepal natives were already allowed to submit entries in the year 2012 and the selection results will be released in the Month of May 2013.
The Nepal selectee will have to act faster as it will close on 30th September 2014. And the available visas may exhaust earlier than the closing date.
Next coming program will be called as DV-2015.
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Nepal citizens are being sent with fake DV lottery notification. (Click here)

There are 593 DV2010 winners name list and address are available in this web site. The winners are from Nepal.