DV Lottery help

DV Lottery for Nepal.

Nepal is eligible from Asia region for to participate in the American DV-Lottery program, so Nepal born people are allowed to submit their entries in the program.

Basic requirements for Nepal participants.

Single person must apply as unmarried person and the married person must apply with her/his spouse and eligible children. All the
applicants must upload their photo as image file along with their entry form.

Where to apply?
Use the DV Lottery application form that is provided in the official American website.

When to apply?
It should be applied during the entry submission period. And the applicants are requested to obtain their confirmation number once their entry is successfully accepted in to the program.

What is the name of the next DV lottery program?

Where to check the results?
In the official website from the month of May.

Nepal winners in the DV-2016 visa lottery program.

All the winners of DV-2016 program must use the electronic application form provided by Department of State. This form, the DS-260 Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application, is to be completed online. The paper form used in previous years by the winners is no more valid.

The DS-260 will be available at ceac.state.gov

Note: The "Visa Status Check" button will not work for DV applications until the case is scheduled for interview. An error message will appear but does not indicate a problem with the actual application.

Visa interviews will start on 01st of October 2015.

Those Nepal winners staying in the USA must check the visa bulletin page to see when their case numbers are current.

Winners will have to pay a processing fee of US$ 330 along with each of his/her dependants to the Kathmandu U.S Embassy office on the day of their interview.

After obtaining the visa must pay another processing fee of US$ 165 to the USCIS offce n the USA before to issue with the Green card.

If the visa is rejected for any reason the processing fee will not be refunded.

Winners with the high case number can participate in the next coming visa lottery program.

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