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Visa Bulletin for the DV-Lottery.

DV Interview dates for the dv lottery winners are decided according to the selection case numbers and it will be published through the visa bulletin. Each month the Visa bulletin is published by the U.S State Department for the benefit of the American visa applicants from all over the world. In this visa bulletin there is a section that used to provides information for the selected winners of the American diversity visa lottery program. Here you can find the case numbers that are going to be current in the coming months.

Being selected as a winner in the American DV-Lottery program while staying in the U.S.A provides the easiest path to get the Green card (LPR Status). Those selected applicants staying out side of the USA too have good chance to get their green card, if they have low case numbers and meet the eligibility requirements. In this American visa bulletin winners can find out which case numbers are going to be current in the coming months. If you are a winner and your case number becomes current in these months, then you can expect the second letter (visa interview letter) to be available in the website where you had filled the DS-260 form.(Your account login web page) Normally the second letter - the visa interview letter - used to come 4 - 6 weeks prior to the interview date.

In the visa bulletin website, you can find all the six regions along with the case numbers which are going to be current in the announced month. In the Africa region some countries with large number of selectees may listed separately with their own case numbers that are going to be current for them. Normally countries like Egypt, Ethiopia and Congo DR may be listed separately with their own case numbers and cut out numbers. Sometimes the Nepal is listed separately under the Asia region. Some time back, in the Asia region case numbers, Bangladesh was listed separately in the monthly visa bulletin and now it is out of the DV lottery program.

Time to time these web pages used to publish the eligible country list, last diversity visa lottery program's official result and number of selectees for each country. If you are selected for further processing in this name selection draw, then you must be familiar with this American visa bulletin pages.

If all the allocated visas under the DV program had exhausted for any of the region, the authorities will mark it as CURRENT in the visa bulletin, so don't expect any more visas for that region for that fiscal year program.

Those selected winners in the USA too must read this monthly visa bulletin from the month September for advance notice for the month of October. If their case numbers become "CURRENT" in any given month they can contact the USCIS office for the adjustment of their status and to obtain their green card, if they succeed in it

The visa bulletin is available in the internet while you can register with them to send the monthly visa bulletin to your email inbox without any charge. And you can unsubscribe it at any time.

You have to check in the result checking page where some time they may show the second letter in the screen.

Also check in the webpage where you had submitted the DS-260 using your username and password. If the interview is not scheduled for you then you will see an "Error" message. Don't get confused as it is normal.

Currently visa bulletin page is showing case numbers for the DV-2016 program as CURRENT, where the DV-2016 visa lottery program was officially closed on30th September 2016.

Now the DV-2017 visa lottery winners can view the latest visa bulletin pages with the case numbers that are going to be current for the month of October and November 2016.