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Ethiopia born people used to show much intereste to take part in this American Government's official DV Lottery program regardless of where they are living today or what country passport they are holding. Their birth country allow them eligible to participate in this annual draw. To take part in the draw they must meet the requested education and or required work experience as mentioned in the official instructions. You should read the instructions carefully before applying through the application form called E-DV entry. The application form used to be provided in the internet for a period of 30 days according to the announced dates, every year.

Paper entries will not be accepted. As there is always a heavy demand for the application from all over the world, this may cause the web site to respond slowly or will not open at all. So try to submit your entry in the early days to avoid disappointment. No entries will be accepted after the closing time and that day for the particular fiscal year program. You must have one of your latest color photo file to upload along with the entry. If you are a married person, include photograph files of your spouse and all the eligible children.

Eligibility Requirements for the Ethiopian Applicants to take part in the random name selection.

Age must be more than 18.
Education Requirements.

You must have successfully passed any of the following certificates.
Ethiopian Leaving Certificate Examination (12th grade) showing at least 5 passing grades.
12th grade ESLCE and a Teacher Training certificate.
Proof of graduation from the Ethiopian Military Academy.
Proof of graduation from a TVET 10+3 program.
Following are NOT Accepted: New TVET certificates documenting levels of achievement.

Special notice to Somalia applicants.
Somalia winners educational or work experiences can't be verified by the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa. Without such verification, it may not be possible to process such cases to completion.
Educational requirements are determined by the U.S. immigration law, and are not determined by the Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Work Experience:
If you don't have the educational requirements, you may submit evidence of qualifying work experience. Work experience is defined as 2 years of full- time job performance within the last 5 years in a profession which requires 2 years of college training or experience. Occupations are defined as those with Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) rating of 7 or above and are listed as job zone 4 or 5 on the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Skills List. Here.
Take note that it is very rare to get the Entry permit based on work experience through the green card lottery program.

Don't participate in this draw, if you don't meet the eligibility requirements.
Single applicant must play as unmarried.
Married person must apply with spouse and all the eligible unmarried children.
It is not allowed to include more than one spouse in the form.

DV Lottery Results.
Results will be available only through the online check facility.
Don't expect postal mail notifications for the selected winners.
Don't trust the E-Mail notifications and the phone calls regarding the winner announcement.
DV-2015 participants can check their results online from 01st of May 2014.
Ethiopia born people can't get more than 3,500 visas under the program in any given fiscal year, according to the rules.
The non refundable visa fees for the greencard lottery is US$ 330 for the primary applicant and each of his dependant too must pay the same amount as processing fees and must attend the visa interview along with the primary applicant on the day of the interview at the Embassy, if there are any dependants. If the visas are denied for any given reason, the processing fees will not be returned.

All those who had received the visas through the name selection draw, must pay another US$ 165 to the USCIS office through their online payment way.

The Next DV-Lottery program is expected to be named as DV-2015 and it is expected to accept entries in this year - 2013.

How many people participated from Ethiopia in the past DV Lottery?

Year    2010           2011            2012           2013
Total  542,346        486,657         581,699       582,238
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Requirements for DV Applicants. ethiopia.usembassy.gov

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