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DV-Lottery For Ghana.

DV Lottery is one of the popular paths taken by the Ghana people to immigrate to the U.S.A legally. Lot of Ghanaians used to participate in this draw every year to see their luck whether it can take them to a new life. The ones who are staying or studying in the USA too can participate in the system.

But one thing most of them ignore is to take care of the tough rules that are covering the draw. Because of this some people used to loose not only the visa at the interview but also the processing fees too. This is a bigger amount for an ordinary Ghanaian.

Totally there are 50,000 slots available for immigration to the U.S.A every year under this computer random name selection system.

All the African region countries (except Nigeria) are eligible to participate in this lotto including Ghana.

Take note that not any country can get more than 7% of the available total entry permits in any given year. It means the maximum number is 3,500 for any country.

Eligibility to participate in the DV-Lottery.

Must have been born here, regardless of in which country now he is living or holding a foreign passport.

Meet the required education or the required work experience.

Here it is.


The Processing fee.

US$ 330 per person and each of her/his dependants too must pay this amount. It should be paid only to the US Embassy on the day of your interview.

Another US$ 160 should be paid before you obtain the green card in the USA.

This fee is for processing only. If you are found ineligible at the interview you will loose the visa and the processing fee together.

Getting the interview letter doesn't guarantee that you will be issued with an American visa to immigrate to the States.

When the DV-2016 will accept entries?

In the year 2014 it will accept entries for a period of 30 days.

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