DV Lottery Help

DV Lottery for Cameroon.

Cameroon born people can participate in the American diversity visa lottery program even if they are living aboard.

Also they must have the education/work experience requirements and the age limit given by the State Department.

The U.S consular office has warned about ongoing scam. Read below their official announcement for the Cameroon people.

DV Lottery for Cameroon

"The United States Embassy is offering this opportunity to qualified applicants who meet the simple, but strict, requirements for the diversity visa program. Each October, our electronic system is open for accepting entries for the diversity visa. You can find official instructions for submitting your diversity visa entry online at travel.state.gov, along with a list of frequently asked questions that you can consult.

We'd like to offer some important advice to those who are interested in applying for a diversity visa:

First: We encourage you to submit your OWN diversity visa entry, and to keep your confirmation number. So you can later check the entrant status at dvlottery.state.gov to find out whether you had been selected or not. Your own email address is required in your entry. We strongly recommend that you use a personal, private email address on your application to which only you or someone you trust has access. Please remember that there is no fee for to play the lotto. We encourage people to submit their own applications, rather than using an agent or outside service."

Cameroon applicants who want to submit their entries for the visa lottery program must have successful baccalaureate or advanced level completion after completing 12 years of junior and high school education.

Visa processing fees of US$330 can be paid in US currency or in Cameroon currency on the day of your interview Only to the US Consular office..