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2:59 PM 02/27/2017, By David.

DV-2018 American visa lottery program had accepted entries in the year 2016. Don't look for its application forms as they had been closed officially in November 2016. Now if you are looking for to participate in the Green card lottery, look for the DV-2019.

Entry Submission period for DV 2018.

Its registration period was opened on noon, EDT on October 4, 2016, and after 32 days it was closed on EST November 7, 2016. The draw was conducted entirely electronically by the U.S State Department, including electronic entry. In the recent draws paper entries were not accepted.

People who were born in selected country only were requested to participate in this draw, as some other countries had sent more than 50,000 people to the USA within the last 5 year period. Bangladesh and Nigeria are placed in the ineligible country list.

All the participants were requested not to use the photo files that were used in the DV 2017 draw and before. It is learnt that the violators will be rejected from the draw. The US State Department uses sophisticated methods to scan photos while they make sure that no double entries were made by cheaters in to this draw.

When the dv lottery 2018 will start?

It has already accepted entries and it was closed in 2016.

Education requirements for New Zealand and Australia natives.

Completion of 6th Form/year 12 in New Zealand or Australia,
Or qualify under Grade 7 employment standards as set by the U.S. Department of Labor on the O*Net Online database.

Education Requirements for the Sri Lanka participants.

Complete pass in the GCE A/L subjects.
GCE O/L is not accepted for the draw any more.

When the results will be under the DV2018 visa draw?

The results are expected to be released by first week of May 2017.

American President's new E.O, will it affect the outcome of the results?

Before you take any steps of your winning, read the American government's website of your country, and then decide on it.

How many American visas will be available under this draw?

50,000 visas will be available under this fiscal year draw.

I am being selected as winner and at the mean time i had applied for a visitor visa. Will this affect my status?

Till you are filing your visa application form under the diversity visa winning, other visa processing will not affect any of your status.

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