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DV-2015 American visa lottery program will not accept any more entries for the fiscal year 2015 as it has already allowed all the eligible applicants to enter in to the draw through the online application form in the year 2014. The program was kept open for a period of 30 days during the months of October and November. Millions of applicants did submit their online application forms to this draw during the submission period through the American official website. The selection draw is administered by the KCC which is also called as Kentucky Consular Center. A person was allowed to submit only one entry as primary applicant with his name. Those who had entered multiple entries will be disqualified. Married person must include his spouse and eligible children names and photographs in their birth order. Failure to include any of them will end up with disqualification from the draw.

DV-2015 Results.

Results are now available through the internet from 01 May 2014 where the applicants are allowed to check their status online in the American Government's official web site. Those participants will be allowed to check their results online individually with their confirmation number. Winners name lists will not be available through the internet. Interviews for the selected people will start on 01 October 2014 and the program will close officially on 30th September 2015.

Information on DV 2015.

Total available entry permits for this fiscal year is 50,000. As all the selected people may not have the required qualifications nearly 100,000 people will be selected as winners and will be called for the interview as per their selection number. The permits are offered in the first come first serve basis.

Draw was operated by:KCC.

Entrance fee:There is no entrance free to participate in the draw. But those selected winners will have to pay processing fees on the day of their interview.

Winner's processing Fees:US$ 330 (Non refundable one, if the visa is rejected for any reason). Selectees' eligible country, educational qualification, work experience, health and clean police record will be checked at the time of their interviews.

Entry acceptance commenced on:01 October 2013 and was closed on 02 November 2013.

Correction of the eligible country list:Nigeria has been removed from the eligible country list and listed in the ineligible country list along with some other countries.

Unmarried Person must play as:Single

Married person:Must include spouse and eligible children. Eligible spouse too can submit one entry, thus that family will have two slots in the draw. Failure to include an eligible member in the application form will disqualify you from the draw. Polygamy marriages are not approved for the draw.

A new method of online processing for the winners was introduced from this year onwards.

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