DV Lottery help

DV-2014 Results.

DV-2014 Visa Lottery Results checking facility was closed on 30th September 2014 and the visa processing too was officially closed on thyat day after issuing the visas for the eligible lucky winners under the fiscal year program. So no one will be able to process their winning under this fiscal year program 2014 anymore and the selection will go null.

DV-2015 results for the American visa lottery program is now available through the Official web site in the internet. The online results checking facility has opened its web pages for those applicants who had submitted their entries last year to check their online results. The DV-2016 program results will be available in the interne tto check your status from 01 May 2015.

This was opened on 01 May 2013 as previously announced. Millions of people, specially African natives had participated in this draw.

The KCC offers the online green card results here.

Selected person must follow the instruction shown in the computer screen.

All the participants are requested to keep their confirmation number with them as there may be another small name selection may take place around the month of October.

The KCC will not send any winner selection notice by postal mail or email to the selected winners. If you get anything like that double check it.

Important notice for those who don't have confirmation number or invalid confirmation numbers can visit to www.dv-confirmation.com for professional assistance. This web site had helped hundreds of applicants to retrieve their confirmation number after some hard work.

Selectees in the USA can submit their application through the USCIS office to change their current status to LPR status when their case numbers are current.

Also take note that those selected winners ONLY with work experience (without educational qualification) has very few chances to be issued with the visas.

What is affidavit of support?

Each winner and the dependants must provide a signed I-134 or I-864 form according to their consular requirements. It should be signed by anyone who has U.S.A LPR or citizenship. Without this Affidavit of support, no case will be a successful one.

How much is the visa processing fees?

US$330 per each person including the dependants and the fee can be paid in local currency too.

This is non refundable one and if you are not issued with the visas for any given reason, then your visa fees will not be refunded to you.

Where to check that which case numbers are going to the interview?

Advance case number notice will be available in the Visa Bulletin web site.

Your winning can't be transferred to another person.

If your application is rejected for any given reason, there is no way to protest against it. It is final decision.