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DV 2013 Results.

DV 2013 online results were provided through the online web site from 01May 2012 and was closed on 30th September 2013. Those who had participated were allowed to check their status during this period, through the American Government's official web site.

Those winners who were selected under the DV-2013 program are advised that the program they had participated had been closed permanently. So their DV-2013 winning is no more valid. So focus on the current or forth coming visa lottery program.

Selected winners were asked to pay US$ 330 as the dv processing fees on the day of their interview and were asked to proof their eligibility to get their US entry permits.

Conducting the visa interviews under this draw was started on 01/10/2014. Winners were called by them according to their case numbers. Later the DV-2013 program was officially closed on 30th September 2013 after issuing the available entry permits under that fiscal year for those eligible people who were selected through the computer random name selection. After this closing date no one can benefit from their selection any more.

Important notes regarding the DV selection program.

You will not get winning notifications through postal or email.

Those who had participated in the year 2014 draw can check their status online around May 2015 and had been requested to have their confirmation number till June 2015.

To check your results you must have your "Confirmation Number".
Lost it? Go to dv-confirmation.com

DV 2013 Results here.

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