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DV 2016 Visa Lottery Application Form.

DV 2016 visa lottery program is now accepting entries from eligible applicants through its application form. The program will be kept open till the first week of November. E-DV entry is available to download in their official web site during this period. The draw is mentioned for the fiscal year and the wining of it can't be exchanged to another person or valid for the other fiscal year.

According to the Instructions Bangladesh and Nigeria natives too are ineligible to participate in the draw along with some other countries.

Anyone can download the form but it is advised that the form is good for eligible participants only. This should be filled and submitted back within the given 60 minutes of time period.

An eligible qualified person is requested to enter only one entry as primary applicant in to this draw in any given year program.

There are 50,000 entry permits available for the lucky eligible winners under this fiscal year 2016 program. Name selection will be done once the submission period is over, through the computers located in the KCC. The interviews will be held in Embassies and Consular offices of the applicants country and the USCIS office will accept applications from the winners who are living in the USA. The draw is free and may look simple but it is covered with strict rules and involves processing fees and other related fees.

Selected person if fails to secure his visas at the interview due to any ineligibility, he will lose his processing fees.

You can't appeal against their decision as it is the final.

Those selectees whom are living in the USA can contact the USCIS office to change their current status to LPR status, once their case numbers are current according to the bulletin page.

Take note that there are 50,000 visas available under this system this year too, although nearly 100,000 people will be selected as selectees and will be notified through their web site as all the selected people may not have the required education/work experience to allow them to immigrate to the USA.

So it is not guaranteed that all the selected applicants will be issued with the permit to enter the USA. So sometime those who are having high selectee case numbers will not be called for the interviews as the slots may exhaust prior to the closing date.

Also this is issued on the first come first served basis. No country can get more than 7,500 entry-permits in any of the given year program.

DV-2014 program was closed on 30th September.

Results for the last year held DV-2015 draw is now available in the internet from the month of May.

No postal mail, email, fax or phone calls were used to announce the selection results of individuals.

Albania Australia Bangladesh Cameroon Canada Egypt
Ethiopia Germany Ghana Iran Italy Japan
Kenya Kuwait Liberia Nepal Nigeria Poland
Russia Sierra Leone South Africa Sri Lanka Tanzania Turkey
UK Ukraine USA Uzbekistan Yemen  

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