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DV-2019 Visa Lottery New Entry Submission period.

Due to some technical problem, the DV-2019 visa lottery application system went down and the entries that were submitted between 03rd October till 10th October 2017 are to be re-submitted once again. The DV Lottery Official website will reopen on 18th October 2017 and will close on 22nd November 2017. Pass this message to your friends, who had submitted entries earlier in the first week of October 2017and ask them to re-submit those entries once again during this new period.

American Diversity visa lottery program is officially operated by the U.S Government through the internet and computers. This program is carried on to maintain the diversity of the people who are living in the USA. For this, eligible low immigrating country people are allowed to take part in this draw to enter in to the USA to live and work permanently, through the computer random name selection. This draw is also called as Green Card program in many parts of the world as at the end of the processing selected winners are provided with LPR status which is also called as Green card. In the whole world this is the one and only visas through name selection program. Eligible selected people can live and work there with their families legally as long as they wish. After having the LPR for certain years, they can become USA citizens, if they can fulfill all the important requirements.

People born in Nigeria and Bangladesh are not eligible to participate along with some other country born people in this draw dv2019, as they had sent more than 50,000 people within the last 5 years period. These country born people must check the latest Instructions to check whether their country is allowed to participate in the current program or not.

Benefits of Having American Green Card (LPR).

Eligibility for the current DV-2019 entry permits selection Program:

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